Data Visualization in Energy Industry

The importance to make the data more understandable is an inevitable need for all professional industry, including the geothermal industry. It is increasingly valuable for professionals to be able to use data to analyze, "tell stories", and make quick decision with visualization. This series of videos will cover the fundamental of data science in data visualization, understanding data to visual translation, and the "color hack" of data visualization. You will also discover "Python-based" data visualization tutorials using various data, from geoscience, engineering, to energy economic.

Table of Content

Hi JIWAku! Did you know that in the film 500 days of summer there is a data visualization graph that shows data on the number of people who break up in one year, you know. Wow, it turns out that from this film we can also learn about data and its visualization, right! What do you think if data visualization is used in the energy industry? Check this insight video!