Geothermal Wellbore Simulation with JIWA Flow (Introduction)

This syllabus will describe about wellbore simulation and a new generation of wellbore simulator JIWA FLow developed by AILIMA. JIWA Flow is a powerful technology to support well-evaluation during exploration & operations. JIWA Flow is embedded with artificial intelligence which analyzes comprehensive reservoir parameters including permeabilities characterization, well behavior monitoring, production, and injection decline, steam supply analysis, and injection capacity forecasting. Through this syllabus, you will be able to fully understand about wellbore simulation and also how to operate JIWA Flow in order to reduce the uncertainties throughout the well operation. Upon completing the syllabus, you are expected to: 1. Understand reservoir engineering fundamental to support wellbore simulation analysis. 2. Understand the important of wellbore simulation and its application in predicting, evaluating both production and injection during development phase. 3. Understand what JIWA Flow is including its differences with another commercial wellbore simulator, especially in dealing with geothermal risk and uncertainty factor during exploration and development phase. 4. Be able to operate JIWA Flow and address problems related to wellbore simulation. 5. Proficient in simulating the wellbore using Deterministic estimation approach and its application for geothermal fields. 6. Fully understand how to use Probabilistic estimation approach in JIWA Flow Wellbore Simulation in order to make analysis much more time and cost efficient.

Table of Content

We may realize that there are several things that make a person unique or different from others. For example, from the physical, nature, mindset, and other things that we can see. Maybe we ourselves feel it too hehe. Likewise with fluids, which we will discuss in this video. We can see how the geothermal fluid differs from other fluids when viewed from the characteristics of the fluid / we call it fluid properties. The question is, what exactly are the properties of the fluid?