Reducing Geothermal Drilling Risk with JIWA T.o.R

In geothermal projects for power generation, exploration drilling activities is carried out to obtained sufficient amount of "hard data" in order to confirm the existence of economically viable resources. The successfull of this "exploration drilling" will reduces a big portion of the overall project risk. To achieve this goal, the development of 3G conceptual models obtained through geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys is still the best known method that can be taken before drilling. Outcome of this approach is to apply the best strategy during the exploration drilling campaign to minimize the resources uncertainties, including the geothermal top of the reservoir (T.o.R) depth. A new approach is proposed by AILIMA with "JIWA T.o.R", an analytic tool/ software in JIWA System to estimate the T.o.R uncertainties from the 3G method result to reduce drilling risk. This learning series is designated to provide you practical knowledge and skills needed in geothermal exploration, including a complete guide of geothermal T.o.R estimation with JIWA T.o.R software using various cases from geothermal fields around the world.

Table of Content

In this subject, you will learn about the basic principle of geothermal system and its variations.